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My relationship with my friends is more than just a condom. The only truth is I have leaked all the condoms that you bought and this is how I roll.
It means when I treat someone as my friend, I would never put a gap or boundary in our friendship, I will trust them and let them be who they want to be. Even they are trying to fit into the conversation, I still will try to let them know that “it is okay to be yourself” - Being accepting is what this is all about.

Chincabulary: “This tank shoots glitters.” Definition

Most people would run away or prepare to attack when they see a tank coming. And the people inside the tank are aim to destroy, kill and expect to see the blood.

For me, I would like people to have no boundaries and not to be afraid to face me when they see me coming. And for me, I would love to shoot them with the fact to motivate them and make them realize that life is a gift, also don’t judge everything from what they see from the outside skin.

I prefer to see people go gay rather than be panic and running away in fear all the time. This is why I said this tank shoots glitters.